Take a lesson with one of our PGA professionals using Trackman 4 that will enhance your game and show immediate results next time you hit the course:

Performance injury prevention and power. Full game diagnosis

Our goal is to fit you to performance. We use the most Advanced launch monitor and methods to fit you precisely to a Tee! We carry thousands of fitting combinations demos to get you the best possible custom fit possible! First we fit you to Performance then feel and look plus style you like , then guide you with the best golf instruction guidance available to tour players!

Bring your current bag of clubs, golf shoes, glove if you wear one and comfortable loose clothing. You will be taken through the Club Analysis. Your Master Fitter will discuss with you all about your game and your goals. You will then move into a fitting bay where your swing and measurements will be statically checked, then dynamically analyzed by your Master Fitter and the Trackman 4 launch monitor. You and your fitter will test various combinations of clubheads and shafts that optimize your swing and your game. You will be able to compare your old clubs against the demo clubs to experience the actual improvement in every hit and maximize your “smash factor”. From there you will go to the finishing station to customize your clubs by grip, shaft and ferrule color selections. Please feel free to bring your teaching professional, they are most welcome to participate in the fitting process.

Bring your current bag of clubs. One of our Master Fitters will analyze them to assess whether your clubs were built correctly. We will check the lie, loft, length and frequency of each club and chart your data. From this data, your Fitter will easily be able to show you why you may favor certain clubs in your bag and why you avoid others.  


Similar to the Full Bag fit in process, but limited to the woods in your bag for the club analysis and testing.

Similar to the Full Bag fit in process, but limited to the irons and wedges in your bag for the club analysis and testing.

This is the most used club in golf yet also the most overlooked golf club when it comes to club fitting.
With the aid of a dew board and the TOMI pro putting system we will measure the 8 most important parameters of your putting stroke. With this information we can fit you for the perfect putter to match your stroke and you can begin to shave those shots off your score.

The total game analysis takes you through your entire game and not just your golf equipment. Our instructor will take you through a series of tests to evaluate your golf game to find out precisely your strengths and weaknesses. When you leave, you will have a better understanding of your game and will be given recommendations to begin the improvement process.
• In-depth interview on your game. Past, present and future.
• Club analysis
• Trackman Combine
• Putting and Chipping test
• Results and Recommendations

This is the full game improvement package and includes:

• Club Analysis
• 2 Trackman combine sessions
• 1 full club fitting session
• (3) 30 minute lessons
The Trackman Combine is a standardized test, used by golfers world wide, designed to find the strengths and weaknesses in your game. One session will be conducted at the beginning to evaluate the current state of your game and one at the end to show you the progress you have made.

Total cost is $500

Every club is perfectly Tour Built to the specifications of your Master Fitter. Each clubhead is adjusted for lie, loft, face angle and weight during the build, every clubhead, shaft and grip is weight sorted, every shaft is spine aligned and frequency matched to a +/- 1 cpm tolerance.

The price of your clubs will vary with your choice of head, shaft and grip. Do not hesitate to ask the price or let us know your budget.

We have a sample price list for you to review (the average driver is around $350, fairway woods $250, hybrids $170, forged irons $170 and cast irons $90).

You will discover that custom fit and custom built clubs are a great value as you will get years of great play. There is no need to be constantly changing shafts or buying new models each year in a vain attempt to make your clubs “work” for you.

Adjustment and alterations are all done in house in our most advanced golf club repair shop. We have all the top of the line tools to repair and adjust all you needs,

Lie and lofts adjustment on irons, driving irons, some hybrid models and some woods.

Re shafts all clubs putter , woods , irons , hybrids

Cost varies due to the difficulty of the job. Repair pricing is down in house.


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