Our Story

With years of experience and professional service.

Hector G. Avila

Owner of Advanced Golf Performance
Golf Instructor & Custom Golf Club Fitter and Builder

Company Started: 2010

Teach: All skill levels from beginner to professional.
Taught high school and college golf.
Specialists in all the areas associated with teaching the golf swing, fitting golf clubs & building clubs to the highest level of industry standards. Vector putting certified instructor
I want relations that last a lifetime and join my golf family. My goal is to make your experience with me educational fun , relaxing and enjoyable and make you the best player you can be and love the game!

Fitter to All Major Golf industry Brands
Custom Brands: KZG
Born and raised in the Central Valley of California been teaching golf and fitting people to the right golf clubs for 15 years. Attended and certified on all the High skill levels of Teaching , fitting and building golf clubs and continue to learn more everyday. Love to teach golf and build clubs but playing golf is a real passion and I continue to hone my playing skill and strive to compete at the highest level.

Goals and passion for the game: to give my students and players insight on how to get better starting with a plan how to practice and drill and training aids to help advance their skill quicker. Learn at home with in position training ,learn the correct sequence first then take that to the range. Practice makes Habits but if you practice perfect you improve.